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Temperature example

Set Sensibo Sky to turn on & cool your room to 24C if the room temperature rises above 30C

Humidity example

Set Sensibo Sky to turn on in dehumidify (Dry) mode if room humidity rises above 80%

Splitair for sensibo website


Split-systems air conditioners (heat pumps)   

Floor-aircon for Sensibo website


Portable air conditioners & window wall units

celing-aircon for Sensibo website


Cassette and ceiling models that have a remote

Is your brand compatible?

Save energy and lower bills

Easy 7 day scheduling

Easy 7 day scheduling

Unlimited scheduling possibilities

Monitor & report

Know the temperature & humidity in the room from anywhere

Works with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant
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Sensibo has an extensive open API, with many extensions and integrations created by the community for SmartThings, OpenHab, Homebridge (for HomeKit) and more.
Sensibo also works with IFTTT, so it's easy to create recipes and new automation.