QuietFeet – Less Washing Machine Noise


You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Quieter operation or your money back, diminishes washing machine vibration, shaking and walking on wooden or tiled floors.


  • Universal fit for all washing machines (plus clothes dryers and dishwashers)
  • Non-marking white colour.
  • Stops appliances walking.
  • Reduces noise for quieter operation.
  • Money back guarantee.


QuietFeet – Less Washing Machine Noise

These clever appliance feet absorb shaking & vibration resulting in quieter operation. Their anti-slip design eliminates dangerous washing machine ‘walking’

Each box contains 4 feet and their 45mm diameter make for a universal fit for all washing machines (top and front load washers) as well as dishwashers and clothes dryers.

Any noisy washing machine will benefit from a set of AppliancePro QuietFeet.


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My laundry floor is uneven – will they work?

Although they do not level a washing machine, our appliance feet will help by absorbing some of the vibration you are experiencing, the washing machine will operate more quietly.


Do they work on wooden floors?

Yes!! Wooden floors on wooden or concrete stumps are the enemy of washing machines. QuietFeet will diminish vibration, shaking, walking and noise on wooden floors.


Why does my washing machine vibrate?

There are several reasons, listed below. Even a high end washing machine on an even concrete floor will vibrate and shake under different load conditions, it’s just not possible to balance one wet towel spinning at 1000 RPM+. AppliancePro QuietFeet will show a benefit in this and all other situations.

– Uneven floor

– Washing Machine not level

– Use of a washer pedestal (alters the centre of gravity)

– The anti-vibration system the brand employs (some are better than others)

– Wash load, single large items like towels are very hard to balance

– Type of feet the appliance come with (eg: plastic vs. rubber base)

– Wooden floors, almost impossible to avoid vibration especially if the stumps below are wooden. It’s very difficult to correct this without appliance feet.


My washing machine walks!

Especially prevalent on tiled floors, walking washing machines need to be addressed. There is a risk of damage to surrounding walls and can cause hose leaks and stress on electrical connection point. Where a dryer is mounted on top of a front load washer the risk of the dryer toppling can cause extreme danger. AppliancePro QuietFeet will eliminate walking.